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These resources are created as a guide to move through the entire pathway over 40 weeks. Each topic of the

'Following Jesus Liturgy' is explored through a group discovery process; remember, reflect and respond.
There is more content than needed in each topic and we encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit what to focus on and explore as you walk through these discipleship resources.

Jesus uses 4 verbs to share his purpose and plan for the world.
Go, Make, Baptize, Teach. When reading Jesus' words in English it looks like all 4 verbs are of the same importance. But in the Greek language that Matthew's gospel is written in there is 1 verb (Make) that is the main point and three verbs (Go, Baptize and Teach) that support it and show us how to accomplish the first.


with the GOSPEL and share the GIFT

to obey Jesus' Commands and how to live our lives in light of our new identity in Christ

into new life and new identity

Click below for a teaching from Adam Cox  introducing the Following Jesus Pathway and unfolding the Great Commission

Resource Outline


  • Remember God: Worship and Prayer

  • Remember each other: Care

  • Remember the Liturgy

  • Remember what we learned and put into practice last week


  • Prepare 

    • Introduce today’s topic and any commentary or context for the scripture

  • Discover

    • Read the Scripture

    • Discussion Questions


  • Experience and Encounter

  • Practice and Obey

  • Pray 

Each Resource follows the basic pattern outlined below


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