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Be baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit Part 2: (Baptized in the Holy Spirit)

REMEMBER (30 min)

Remember God: Worship, Prayer or Communion

Remember each other: Care

  • Optional- break up into smaller groups for 10 min Hi/Lo check in

Remember the Liturgy:

Remember what we learned and put into practice last week: Accountability

  • Topic: Repent and Believe

  • How did you encounter the Holy Spirit this last week while using the Reflective Prayer Tool?

REFLECT (30 min)

Prepare (See the Leaders Guide for a brief commentary and context for the scripture and core truth from the topic)

  • Introduce today’s topic and any commentary or context for the scripture

  • Topic Title- Baptized in the Holy Spirit

  • Share the Summary Scripture for the topic if you want

  • Share “Core Truths from the topic” in the leaders guide where needed

  • Share context for Scripture Story- Acts 18:24-19:7 (New Believers Baptized in the Holy Spirit at Ephesus)

  • Read the Scripture


  • Read the Scripture : Acts 18:24-19:7

  • Discussion Questions

    • What is the biblical and historical context?

    • What does this reveal about God and People (optional)

    • Why do you think Paul asked the disciples he had just met in Ephesus, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”

    • What is the difference between trying to follow Jesus with or without the Holy Spirit? What has been your experience? (Invite a few people to share stories of their initial encounter with the Holy Spirit?)

    • How did Paul pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit and what do the accompanying signs of praying in tongues and prophesying reveal about the Holy Spirit?

RESPOND (30 min)

Experience and Encounter

  • Invitation 1: For those who haven’t been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Father God welcomes you to receive the Holy Spirit for the first time. (Ask someone to lay hands on you and pray for you as we read about in the Bible.)

    • Pray - “God, you are a Good Father who gives the best gifts. Holy Spirit, You are a gift and therefore I can’t earn You. I receive You and want to know You. Come and fill me.”

    • Repent and Trust - If any mistrust or misunderstanding has come up about the Holy Spirit contrary to the truth we have now learned, simply pray, “I am sorry, Holy Spirit, for believing a lie about You and for not trusting You. I want to know how good and loving You are and to trust You more and more.”

    • Signs - Some might speak in tongues, get pictures or experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in joy, laughter, peace or some other way for the first time.

  • Invitation 2: For those that have received the Holy Spirit, and would like to receive the Holy Spirit afresh. The Bible says in the book of Ephesians, “be continually filled with the Holy Spirit.” There is always an invitation to receive the Holy Spirit in deeper intimacy. Pray for those who desire to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit.

Lord’s Supper (Communion)


  • The Lord’s Prayer

Practice and Obey

  • Reflect on some of these questions and invite the Holy Spirit to encounter you afresh again each day.

  1. Are there any obstacles in your relationship with the Holy Spirit? (Are there ways you’ve misunderstood, forgotten, or resisted the Holy Spirit? )

  2. Allow the Holy Spirit space to show you where you are currently trying to follow Jesus without the filling/help of the Holy Spirit.

  3. What does friendship with the Holy Spirit look like in your life? (Reflect on how you experience, encounter, and deepen intimacy with the Holy Spirit.)

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