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KID'S RESOURCE: The Greatest Commandment: Part 2


  • Breath Prayer: Matthew 22:37

    • Breath in: I love you, Lord

    • Breath out: With all my heart, soul, and mind

    • Song geared toward PreK-K

  • Remember one another

    • Is anyone celebrating something that happened this week? Let’s share so we can all thank God together.

    • Is anyone struggling, feeling sad, lonely or scared? How can we pray for one another?

  • Remember what we learned last week

    • Practice the Following Jesus Liturgy (With our youngest kids only focus on the portion that we’re currently learning)

      • God's family is all over the world

      • We pray for the Church to show God's love to the world

Reflect: The Greatest Command

The Overview: "THREE LOVES" described in "THREE WORDS"

Prayerful (Love God): All of life in God’s presence.

Family (Love One Another): All of life with God’s people.

Mission (Love the World): All of life with God’s passion.

We follow Jesus every day in every area of our life, 24-7. We don’t follow Jesus as individuals only, but as a family of families consumed with His love, power and presence. The primary way we express this shared life is in The Church.

Set the stage with Key Passage Luke 10:25-37

  • Read the passage

  • Have the kids try to retell the story in their own words

  • Watch

  • Discover through curious questions:

    • Ask the children what stood out to them. What did they like about the story?

    • Was anything new or different than how they’d heard the story in the past?

    • Allow the conversation to be led by their questions, insights, and wonderments.

Respond: Who is your neighbor

  • Considering the story of the Good Samaritan, have the kids write a list of their neighbors, the ones God calls them to love. Are our neighbors the people who live next door? The people in their neighborhood? What about people who live further away but are part of their community, city, school, etc? What about people who believe differently or ones who don't believe in Jesus at all? What about people who look different, speak a different language? How far should our love extend?

  • After writing down the names of various people and types of relationships (having helped them stretch their imagination to include more names) ask the kids if there's anyone on the list who has a need, or who could use prayer.

  • Take time to pray over the names on the lists, talking about how God might want us to show them love this week.

How can we be kind?

How can be generous?

Is there a way we can advance the Kingdom of God in our city this week by showing love to our neighbors?

Encourage the kids to keep the lists and pray for the names this week, asking God to fill their hearts with love so they can love others as God calls us to.

Listen: A focus on equality, diversity, and the call to love others as Christ has loved us

  • Listen to "God's Very Good Idea" - a story of God's design for diversity.

  • Allow the story to springboard conversation about diversity, inclusion, and the gospel that's for everyone.

  • Why do you think God wanted the Church to be so diverse?

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