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Hear & Obey the Word Part 1

REMEMBER (30 min)

Remember God: Worship, Prayer or Communion

Remember each other: Care

  • Optional- break up into smaller groups for 10 min Hi/Lo check in

Remember the Liturgy:

Remember what we learned and put into practice last week: Accountability

  • Topic: Be baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit Part 2: (Baptized in the Holy Spirit)

  • Share ways that you have been ‘immersed’ in the Holy Spirit over the last week

REFLECT (30 min)

Prepare (See the Leaders Guide for a brief commentary and context for the scripture and core truth from the topic)

  • Introduce today’s topic and any commentary or context for the scripture

  • Topic Title: Hear and Obey the Word

    • Share the Summary Scripture for the topic: Luke 11:28- But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!”

  • Share “Core Truths from the topic” in the leaders guide where needed

  • Share context for Scripture Story: Matt 7:24-27 (Wise and Foolish Builders Parable)


  • Read the Scripture : Matt 7:24-27

  • Discussion Questions

    • What is the biblical and historical context?

    • What does this reveal about God and People (optional)

    • What goes through your mind when you hear the word “PRACTICE.” Where do you hear invitation and grace from Jesus as you begin to follow Him by putting His words into practice. Where do you hear challenge?

    • In Matthew 7:24, Jesus says, “Everyone then who hears these words of mine...” What words is He talking about and what does He want us to do with those words?

    • Tell stories of when God spoke to you and showed you his way through Scripture.

    • Tell stories of hearing and knowing God’s way but choosing not to obey it.

RESPOND (30 min)

Experience and Encounter

  • Spend time asking God about one area in your life where you may be ‘hearing’ the word but not obeying or putting into practice what Jesus has taught. Walk through simple repentance if needed.

Lord’s Supper (Communion)


  • The Lord’s Prayer

Practice and Obey

  • Consider what you have been building your life on by who you are listening to and the choices you are making as a result. What is Jesus saying to you about that? What next step might you take to build your life on Him?

  • Commit to a daily bible reading plan or join the Navah Daily Bible Reading. It’s never too late to start building your life on God’s word.

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