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Hear & Obey the Word Part 2

REMEMBER (30 min)

Remember God: Worship, Prayer or Communion

Remember each other: Care

  • Optional- break up into smaller groups for 10 min Hi/Lo check in

Remember the Liturgy:

Remember what we learned and put into practice last week: Accountability

  • Topic: Hear & Obey the Word Part 1

  • Share how consistently reading and obeying the scripture has impacted, or directed your life.

REFLECT (30 min)

Prepare (See the Leaders Guide for a brief commentary and context for the scripture and core truth from the topic)

  • Introduce today’s topic and any commentary or context for the scripture

  • Topic Title: Hear and Obey the Word Part 2

    • Share the Summary Scripture for the topic: Luke 11:28- But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!”

  • Share “Core Truths from the topic” in the leaders guide where needed

  • Share context for Scripture Story: Acts 16:6-10 (The Spirit Redirects Paul’s Team to Macedonia)


  • Read the Scripture: Acts 16:6-10

  • Discussion Questions

    • What is the biblical and historical context?

    • What does this reveal about God and People (optional)

    • What do you observe in the story about “hearing and obeying” God?

    • What obstacle can keep us from being redirected by God?

    • In what ways has God redirected a decision or plan that you had in place? How did that happen? What was the result? (Tell stories)

RESPOND (30 min)

Experience and Encounter

  • Talk about voices that you love. Voice qualities that cause you to recognize the person immediately lead into how we recognize another’s voice (what channels do you receive other’s voices…you learn their voice through their writing, their songs, their words) do we transfer those principles to knowing and hearing the voice of our Father.

  • Teach the “Yes/No Discernment Prayer” tool, to help people learn how to be lead in making a decision .

Lord’s Supper (Communion)

Practice and Obey (for the coming week)


  • The Lord’s Prayer

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