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I am with you always

REMEMBER (30 min)

  • Remember God: Worship, prayer, or communion

    • Lectio on Psalm 139 - For extra help in facilitating Lectio Divina, see this resource from 24/7 Prayer:

  • Remember each other: Care

    • Optional- break up into smaller groups for 10 min Hi/Lo check in

  • Remember the Liturgy:

  • Remember what we learned and put into practice last week? Accountability

    • Topic: Go Make Disciples Part 2

    • Share your oikos map with someone and pray over it briefly.

REFLECT (30 min)


  • Introduce today’s topic and any commentary or context for the scripture

    • Topic Title: “I am with you always"

    • Share the Summary Scripture for the topic if you want (John: 14:16-18)

  • Share “Core Truths from the topic” in the leaders guide where needed

  • Share context for Scripture Story


  • Read the Scripture

  • Discussion Questions

    • What does this reveal about God and People (optional)

    • 1 or 2 unique question for focus

      • How do you recognize the presence of God in your life? Share stories of experiences and encounters.

      • What habits do you currently have that orient you to God’s presence on a regular basis?

RESPOND (30 min)

Experience and Encounter

  • Creative - spend time praying for each other for the gift of God’s presence. You could pray for the Gift of the Holy Spirit, perspective to see God’s presence in your life, encounters and practices to experience the presence of Jesus, etc.

  • Lord’s Supper (Communion) - Focus on remembering Jesus and receiving the gift of Jesus.

Practice and Obey

  • Consider this week what practice you could add or develop to center and acknowledge God’s presence in your life and to receive God’s love daily.

  • Examples: A few minutes of silence, breath prayers, short times in your day that you focus and invite God into your activity, etc.


  • Lord’s Prayer

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