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Lord’s Supper Part 1

REMEMBER (30 min)

Remember God: Worship, Prayer or Communion

Remember each other: Care

  • Optional- break up into smaller groups for 10 min Hi/Lo check in

Remember the Liturgy:

Remember what we learned and put into practice last week: Accountability

  • Topic: Love

  • How have you taken courageous steps to practically show love to a person who doesn’t show you love this week?

REFLECT (30 min)

Prepare (See the Leaders Guide for a brief commentary and context for the scripture and core truth from the topic)

  • Introduce today’s topic and any commentary or context for the scripture

    • Topic Title: Luke 22:1-23 “The Lord’s Supper”

    • Share the Summary Scripture for the topic if you want.

  • Share “Core Truths from the topic” Matthew 26:26-28 where needed

  • Share context for Scripture Story.


  • Read the Scripture: Luke 22:1-23 “The Lord’s Supper”

  • Discussion Questions

    • What is the biblical and historical context?

    • What does this reveal about God and People? (optional)

    • What is the significance of Jesus’ body broken and blood poured out for us?

    • What is the new covenant and how is it connected to the Lord’s Supper?

      • Consider the ‘gift’ (forgiven, freed, filled with the HS, found in the Father & formed in the family, forever) that we explored earlier in the Following Jesus Pathway

    • Why does Jesus ask us to “do this in remembrance of me”’? Why is it important to “remember”?

    • What has been your experience of practicing the Lord’s supper (communion) and how has it changed you?

RESPOND (30 min)

Experience and Encounter

  • Receive the Lord’s Supper together (Communion). Spend some time remembering Jesus and giving thanks in worship for the new covenant.

Practice and Obey (for the coming week)

  • Spend time reflecting on the New Covenant, focus on what it means to you in regards to your life and your participation in the Church body. Consider how you are going to practice sharing the Lord’s Supper in your life in a regular rhythm.


  • The Lord’s Prayer

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